Peixe is not exactly a novice in the national music scene (Ornatos Violeta, Pluto, Zelig), nor when it comes to playing his instrument of choice, the guitar. Peixe elevates the art of playing the guitar to its highest level, always creating the best visual melodies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, those painted by him hide all the secrets of the universe not yet uncovered. Needless to say, every live set is unique and fit to scale, with no room for any sort of vulgarization.

“Peixe’s second record (…) is one marked by the sweetness of memory and by the will to make the strings of his guitar a permanet challenge: not to earn the title of virtuoso, but to achieve in them a way of expressing his ideas and emotions whenever he’s alone with his instrument of choice.”


“What we suspect at first comes true: somebody who plays the guitar like he’s spelling it. Rather, somebody who plays it like he’s learning how to read. (…) But be aware that the secret is out: ‘there’s music out there that teaches us how to hold our breath.’”


Peixe – Acordar


Peixe – 20 Piscinas


Pedro Nascimento
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