Nuno Prata – Todos os dias fossem estes outros

Nuno Pra capa               Nuno Pra miolo

This is not Nuno Prata’s first dive into pop songs, nor into the singer-songwriter genre, but it’s the first time he does it on his own, feet carved into stone in anticipation and eyes set firmly on the water, waiting. In case of silence, we can heart the heart trying to come out of his chest, finding an easy shortcut through the mouth and words, stringing along with a timeless melody transcribed by a natural and familiar ability of someone who knows strings better than any part of his own body.

First solo album of Nuno Prata, former bassist of Portuguese cult band Ornatos Violeta.


Songs written and composed by Nuno Prata, who co-produces with Nicolas Tricot.

Special appearances by Kinörm, Peixe, Cruz, Edu, Agante, Ruca, Capitão and Pepe.

Recorded by Nicolas Tricot and Nuno Prata at Casa do Côvo, Nuno’s house, Alfredo’s studio and at Lena and Nico’s, between June and October of 2005.

Mixed and remasterized by Nélson Carvalho at MB studio between October and December of 2005.

Design by Nuno Prata.