NACO – Nunca Acordo Como Ontem

NACO capa          NACO miolo

The artistic expression – of any kind – never exists on its own, nor does it disappear like a shadow we thought we imagined. It manifests like some sort of tingling sensation at the bottom of our chests, moving towards the hands unconsciously and, from that point on, when the deed is done and all has been said, we feel the need to prove that it was alive once.
NACO (SuperNada, TORTO, Live Low) is Miguel Ramos’s project and alter ego, born out of the need to record three years of life between projects, through songs that are able to breathe on their own.

Written, recorded and produced by Miguel Ramos.

With special appearances by Eurico Amorim, Ruca Lacerda, João Guimarães and Miguel Azevedo, Afonso Passos, Ana Pinto, Bruno Fernandes, Carl Minnemann, Frederico Diz, Inês Osório, Rogério Santos, Rui Lacerda (Ruka), Samuel Coelho e Teresa Campos.

Mixed and masterized by Nuno Mendes.

Accompanied by a book of illustrations by Miguel Ramos. Graphic design by André Cruz.

An edition by Turbina.