Zelig – Joyce Alive!


Zelig – Joyce Alive! (2010)

  1. Sopro da Morte
  2. Supernoiva
  3. Pangpong
  4. Contra o Quê?
  5. Despedida
  6. Vodasucks
  7. Mox
  8. Tchamini
  9. Tube Dance
  10. Joyce
  11. Inspector
  12. Zotimox
  13. Cobrinhas
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Zelig – Joyce Alive! (2010)

Zelig’s home is a timeless universe, a shuttle built from minds as disparate as the genre in which they collide. The only thing that is certain is their will to keep us on our toes, to leave this place where they are and find one that makes sense… for now. The freedom to create things is the oxygen inside the lungs of this untamable and unlabeled beast.

Zelig are António Serginho, Nico Tricot, Eduardo Silva, Zé Marrucho and Peixe.

Special appearances by João Pedro Brandão, João Mortágua, Filipe Lopes, Gileno Santana, João Guimarães, Miguel Guedes, Cristina Braga da Cruz, Piu Braga da Cruz, Patrícia Lourenço, Katerina Marková, Teresa Campos, Maria Mónica, Cecília Cunha, Helena Janeiro, Alfredo Teixeira, Jucka and Orquestra Orff do Porto.

Recorded at Boom-studios by João Bessa and David Lobão.

Woodwinds and choirs recorded at music school Valentim de Carvalho by Peixe and Nico Tricot.

Orquestra Orff do Porto recorded at Instituto Orff by Brendan Hemsworth.

Design by Salao Coboi.

Distributed by Universal Music Portugal.

An edition by Turbina.

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