Youth – Marco Mendes


“His raw material is still his own life (as the title suggests and all those who know Marco’s already considerable body of work are well aware). But, obviously, with a dash of fiction here and there, thus transforming his real life into a larger life, similar and close to the joy and sadness of many lives. This time, the novelty is silence, which stems from the author’s choice of telling all with no explanatory crutches, of using only images and leaving us to enjoy the story, the one that’s there and the one we can build from it. So we can enjoy the words we put in the mouths of those characters, and enjoy the beauty of contemplating a rich and well-lived youth, one so similar to many others, but very specific and original.” extract from the introduction text

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The return of Marco Mendes with a new book of Comics. Editing by A SEITA CRL.


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