1. Ambar
2. Alcalino
3. Vermelho
4. Aurora
5. Carvalho
6. Hidrogénio
7. Moeda de 3 Seres
8. Porsisom
9. Memória
10. Quinze

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Hitchpop – Hitchpop (2017)

It is between modern and post-rock jazz that the Hitchpop devils take flight, following a journey to the most tumultuous corners of the universe in which they reside, no doubt rich in sound landscapes that accompany, albeit telepathically, those created by the man to whom they pay homage.

Hitchpop are Marcos Cavaleiro, João Guimarães and Miguel Ramos.

Produced by Hitchpop and recorded in Sonoscopia, Fridão Natura Recording and Stop.

Capture, blend and mastering by Manuel dos Reis.

Graphic by The Walrus.

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