OUPA! cidade líquida

01. Tribo

02. Estamos fortes

03. Tempestade num copo de whiskey

04. Salsashit

05. Nosso Fado

06. Nova Ordem

07. Eu não queria

08. Netflix and chill

09. Oupadose

10. À Nossa

About the “OUPA!” Project: The project began in the neighborhood of Cerco in 2015, went through Ramalde in 2016 and had its third edition in the parishes of Lordelo do Ouro last year. In practice, it took the form of artistic residences for several months, with daily workshops on writing, music production, video and performance, aimed at stimulating the DIY spirit and the self-esteem of young people, promoting a sense of belonging and territorial cohesion.
The intention was always to create a space for action and change, promoting artistic autonomy and youthful proactivity, strengthening individual identities and building a collective spirit.

After three consecutive years of workshops and concerts, the OUPA! he became more ambitious and, in a year of consolidation, he brought together members of the groups of Lordelo, Ramalde and Siege in the same creative process. Instead of leaving for new territories, the OUPA! dedicated the year of 2018 to the professionalization of the talents found, through the creation, recording and edition of a common disc, that crosses contributions of its three territories. In consolidating the evolution of the young participants and their spirit of collaboration, the album that now presents itself serves the unification and celebration of OUPA! as one: a single collective, a single territory, a single body of work, with eight voices, but with a common focus. The disk.

This, in addition to demonstrating the talent of its authors, demonstrates the great vitality of the Rap scene in Porto and the strong identity trait that characterizes it, even when styles, languages, registers and voices are multiple.

Mónica Guedes, Bonaparte, Garcez, LS, Doc, Drunk Nigga, Joca and Ricardinho, bring us ten themes, composed and written by them, in a celebration of music as a transforming force. Love, rap, tribe, country, feast and redemption, written and sung by different sensibilities and timbres, in an album as collective as unison, which must be heard!