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Lufa-lufa – Foledad (2010)


  1. Lift-off
  2. Foledad
  3. Orango tango
  4. Noite
  5. Malu
  6. Serra
  7. Maresias
  8. Rusga
  9. Boulevard
  10. A Queda
  11. Comédia


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Lufa-lufa – Foledad (2010)

But here, at this moment in time, there isn’t a stage. We can imagine it, but it isn’t there. And regarding the music, you can feel your heart beating, the rhythm and the melody making the stage come alive. It’s the balance. It’s what really makes what these two men do come together in an enchanting musical. They seem like a crowd, but they’re so few. It’s the concertina flirting with the melodica, with the bells, S. João’s hammers, with the whistles, among others. That’s the magic of Lufa-Lufa; the magic born out of a compliment to simplicity.
Written by A Trompa

Lufa-lufa are Ricardo Santos Rocha and Carlos Adolfo.

Ricardo Santos Rocha on the sound tubes, whistles, and concertina.

Carlos Adolfo on the percussion, set of bells, melodica, glasses, plate, whistles and S. João hammers.

Voz-off by Bruno Cardoso.

Mixed by Nélson Carvalho at Valentim de Carvalho studios.

Recorded by Nuno Couto at “O Nosso Gravador”.

An edition by Turbina.

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