Foge Foge Bandido – O Amor Dá-me Tesão / Não Fui Eu Que Estraguei

FFB capa             FFB miolo

Part a, part b, part c… nothing in many of Manel Cruz’s comebacks (Ornatos Violeta, Pluto) are deserving of a label. The name of project, to a certain extent, already tells a story: Foge Foge Bandido roughly translates into Run Run Bandit. Everything’s connected: two records + one book = a literary piece. If anything, here’s a proposal: listen to the records as if you were watching a movie, in which the songs and stories being told allow you to draw imaginative narratives. Those should allow you to connect the points between the author’s identity, his feelings, yours, who’s able to feel through what he’s feeling. 

Foge Foge Bandido is Manel Cruz’s solo project.

This CD-book was prepared with materials (songs, photographies) of the time-period of ten years, with special appearances by PacMan, Bezegol, Gon, Peixe, Kinörm, Elísio Donas and Nuno Prata.

Recording, edition and first mix by Manel Cruz.

Mixing and mastering by Nuno Mendes.

Other recordings by Nico Tricot, Brendan Rui Hemsworth and André Hollanda.

Design by Manel Cruz and Susana Fernando. Photography by Adriana Oliveira and Pedro Nascimento.
An edition by Turbina.